LitigationReady™ Lawyer's trial notebook

What is LitigationReady™?

LitigationReady™ is a simple to follow e-Book with complete instructions and forms on how to create your trial notebook and organize your case for discovery and trial. It comes in a PDF that you can print out and put into your own notebook and dividers and be ready today!

Before every deposition, every hearing and every trial -- you'll know what you need to ask and what you need to do. You'll know where every letter, every exhibit, and every last statement is. You'll know who to ask what, and how to word your motion in limine, and much more. . . AND, it will all be at your fingertips.

This is a simple , easy to follow program, that any attorney can use in any practice area and any size firm.

Leonard H. Bucklin Leonard Bucklin
Civil Trial Attorney

Here's what LitigationReady™ will do for you:

You can own LitigationReady™ for the low price of just $70.00. Click here to own and download LitigationReady™ right now!

Here's more great news. Upon ordering, you'll get an instant link to access LitigationReady™. As the last part of the automatic process, after you pay, then PayPal automatically routes your browser to a webpage where you simply click a link to download the ebook in PDF format into your computer. You can get started in just minutes!

In fact, if you have a case coming up in just a couple of days, buy my system now, follow it, start right now loading your notebook, and you'll be more prepared for your case than any case you've even done.

IMPORTANT: Let me recap...

Think about this... when you walk into the court you will feel one of two ways: Prepared or Unprepared. I don't need to ask you which one is a better feeling.

The fact is, just the FEELING of being prepared for one case alone must be worth $70.00. Consider your small investment a little "emotional insurance policy." When you walk in feeling prepared, the other side will notice. An old mentor of mine once said, "The trial game is 75% perception." It's still true today.

You will you get a great deposition and trial notebook system.

Don't go through what I did my first 13 years as an attorney. Your tax deductible expense of $70.00 is protected by a 60-day iron-clad money-back guarantee (you're an attorney. . . there are no loopholes here!) so you have nothing to lose.

This is your invitation to be one of the attorneys who take advantage of my powerful system, and are organized for trial.

All The Best,
Leonard Bucklin

Leonard Bucklin
Attorney at Law

P.S. If you value your time as much as I do, the only mistake would be believing you're not worth this small one-time investment. If LitigationReady™ saves you just half an hour of time - ever - it will have paid for itself.

Click here to own LitigationReady™ right now!

100% Satifisfaction Guarentee

My "100% money back, No Questions Asked, even if your only complaint is the font I used, Guarantee."

If you don't totally agree that my revolutionary system, LitigationReady™ is worth every penny, simply ask, and I'll happily refund your money up to 60 days after the purchase date! It's that easy.
In effect you can try this product for free.

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